Full of Love


Kyoko Takemoto  P

Pianist Kyoko Takemoto's new album. This CD uses a solfeggio scale with a frequency that has a good effect on nature and the human body, and a masterpiece of piano that can promote physical and mental health, as well as masterpieces of piano that can perform self-acceptance and feel love and gratitude are selected. Kyoko Takemoto, who has been a pioneer of the "image playing method", reflects the results of joint research with medical and psychology researchers on the influence of music on the mind and body, and expresses the mysterious world of love, light and waves played on the piano. 


 【Recorded music】


1. Gunocienne No. 1 (E. Saty)

2. Gunocienne No. 3 (E. Satty)

3. Waltz No. 19 in A minor (F. Chopin)

4. Gymnopeti No.1 (E. Satty)

5. Dream (C. Debussy)

6. Moonlight (C. Debussy)

7. Arabesque No. 1 (C. Debussy)

8. Nocturne No. 20 in C minor (F. Chopin)

9. WoO.59 in A minor for Elise (L.V. Beethoven)

10. Flower Song Op.39 (G.Lange)

11. Waltz No. 6 in B flat major, Op.64-1 (F. Chopin)

12. What You Want (E. Satty)

13. Nocturne No.2 in E major Op.9-2 (F. Chopin)

14. Love Dream No.3 "Oh, Love as much as you can" (F. List)

15. Fantasy Improvisation in C minor (F. Chopin)

16. Wrapped in Light (Tsuyoshi Hashimoto)


Release Date Published: June 9, 2022

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Amazon | Full of Love 〜愛と光に包まれて〜 | 武本京子 | 室内楽・器楽曲 | ミュージック


武本京子/Full of Love ~愛と光に包まれて~ (tower.jp)


武本京子: Full Of Love~愛と光に包まれて~ | HMV&BOOKS online - NVRC-2950


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Flower Smile

Mana Morisita  Vl

Kyoko Takemoto  P


The feelings of anger, sadness, joy and fear that the composer put into the sound become a message and resonate with the player's emotions. The harmony, which comes from both players with synesthesia, is deeply ingrained into the listener's heart by wearing the composer's message. Because people are listening with their brains using their ears, the listener sympathizes with the message of the song through the player, and the lump of the stagnant mind eventually collapses. The album title "Hanami" is a Japanese language unique to Japan, meaning "a smile like a flower with a blooming person". It is a piece filled with the player's desire to make a smile overflow through music.


【Recorded music】

01 Symphony No.2 op.27 - Adagio (Rachmaninoff)

02 Nocturne No.2 in E major op.9-2 (Chopin)

03Kanon (Pachelbel)

04 Piano Quartet in E flat major op.47 - Andante Canturbile (Schumann)

05 Prayer (Beach)

06Wyed by light (Tsuyoshi Hashimoto)

07 Symphony No.5 in E minor op.64 - Andante Canturbile (Tchaikovsky)

Aria on 08G (J.S.Bach)

09Beaussy (Debussy)

10 Symphony No. 5 in C minor - Adagitte (Mahler)

11 Syllaby (Beach)

12 Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor op.11 ~ Romance (Chopin)


13 String Serenade in E minor op.20 ~ Serenade (Elgar)



森下麻奈/花笑み (tower.jp)


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他  2021年9月22日 発売

[CD of Kyoko Takemoto]


Kyoko Takemoto (piano solo)


Schumann: Fantasie Op.17

Chopin : Noctune No2 in E-flat major Op.9-2

Chopin : Etude No1 in A-flat major "Aeolian Harp" Op.25-1

Chopin : Waltz No.6 in D-flat major Op.64-1 "Petit chien"

Chopin : Mazurka No.5 in B-flat major Op.7-1

Chopin : Mazurka No41 in C-sharp minor Op.63-3

Chopin : Mazurka No.46 in C major Op.67-3 (Op..posth.)

Chopin : Mazurka No.47 in C major Op.68-1 (Op..posth.)

Chopin : Waltz No.15 in E major (Op..posth.)

Chopin : Waltz No7 in C-sharp minor Op.64- 2

Chopin: Noctune No20 in C-sharp minor Op.posth

Chopin: Fantasie Imprompyu in C-sharp minor Op.66 (Op..posth.)

Octavia Records Inc., OVCX-34, 20



武本京子/ファンタジー -ショパン:夜想曲/練習曲/ワルツ/マズルカ/他 (2/21-23/2007) :武本京子(p) (tower.jp)


Amazon | ファンタジー | 武本京子, ショパン, シューマン, 武本京子 | 室内楽・器楽曲 | ミュージック


武本京子 【dミュージック】2000668980 (dmkt-sp.jp)


ショパン:チェロとピアノの作品集 - ハイレゾ音源配信サイト【e-onkyo music】




Rachmaninov & Piazzolla

Ryoichi Fujimori(Vc)

Kyoko Takemoto(P)

Rachmaninov:Cello Sonata in G minor Op19

Piazzolla : Adios nonino/arr.G.Hasimoto

Rachmaninov : 18variation from the Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43

Piazzolla  Libertanngo  /arr.G.Hasimoto

 Rachmaninov: Vocalise Op..34-14 /arr. Leonard Rose

Piazzolla : Le grand tango Piazzolla : Escualo

Octavia Records Inc., Exton OVCL-00373, 2009


藤森亮一/パッショナート - ラフマニノフ&ピアソラ作品集 / 藤森亮一, 武本京子 (tower.jp)


Amazon | パッショナート ラフマニノフ&ピアソラ作品集 | 藤森亮一,武本京子, ピアソラ, ラフマニノフ, 橋本剛, ヨーク, ローズ, 藤森亮一, 武本京子 | 現代音楽 | ミュージック


パッショナート ラフマニノフ ピアソラ作品集 - ハイレゾ音源配信サイト【e-onkyo music】


藤森亮一&武本京子 【dミュージック】2000101160 (dmkt-sp.jp)


パッショナート ラフマニノフ ピアソラ作品集 - ハイレゾ音源配信サイト【e-onkyo music】



[Chopin: Works for Violincello and Piano ]

Ryoichi Fujimori(Vc)

Kyoko Takemoto(P)


Chopin : Intoroduction and polnaise Brillant in C major Op.3 Chopin : Etude Op.10-6 /arr.K.Watanabe

 Chopin : Etude Op25-7 /arrA. Glazunov

Chopin : Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in G minor Op.65

Chopin : Noctune No2 Op.9-2 /arr.K.Watanabe

Chopin: Grand duo Concerto on aTheme "Robert Le Diable" in E major

Chopin: Noctune No20 Op.posth /arr.K.Watanabe

Octavia Records Inc., Exton OVCL-00373, 2008


Amazon | ショパン:ピアノとチェロの作品集 | 藤森亮一(Vc)武本京子(Pf), ショパン | 室内楽・器楽曲 | ミュージック


【楽天市場】ショパン:チェロとピアノの作品集/藤森亮一,武本京子[HybridCD]【返品種別A】:Joshin web CD/DVD楽天市場店 (rakuten.co.jp)




Schumann: Fantasiestuke Op.73 Schumann: 3 romanzen Op.94 Schumann: Adagio Allegro in A-flat major op.70

Weber : Variationen cocertanie uber eine Arie aus "Sylvana"op.33 Weber : Grand duo concertant in B-flat major Op.48

Octavia Records Inc., CRYSTON DSD, 2005


エルンスト・オッテンザマー/グランデュオ:シューマン:幻想小曲集/3つのロマンス/アダージョとアレグロ/ウェーバー:歌劇「シルヴィア」の主題による協奏的変奏曲/協奏的大二重奏曲「グランデュオ」:エルンスト・オッテンザマー(cl)/武本京子(p) (tower.jp)


Amazon | グラン・デュオ | エルンスト・オッテンザマー(Cl)武本京子(Pf) | 室内楽・器楽曲 | ミュージック


【楽天市場】グラン・デュオ/オッテンザマー(エルンスト),武本京子[CD]【返品種別A】:Joshin web CD/DVD楽天市場店 (rakuten.co.jp)


CD :KYOKO TAKEMOTO(Nakata)  Solo  Album (piano)


Mussorgsky : Pictures at an Exhibicion

 Liszt     "Deauxieme annee-Italie" Apres une lecture du Dante,

 Liszt        Sonetto 104 del Petrarca, Sonetto 123 del Petrarca



CD:「BRAHMS Piano Quint」

Takemoto kyoko (piano) The Israel String Quartet


Brahms:: Piano Quintet in F minor op.34  

               Ⅰ.Allegro non troppo

               Ⅱ.Andante un poco Adagio

           Ⅲ.Scherzo  Allegro

           Ⅳ.Finale  Poco sostenuto -Allegro non troppo


Live Notes wwcc-7205

CD   「  KIRARA  TORIO」  (piano  Trio)

Yigal Tuneh (violin)&Sacha Kagonovsky (cello)&Kyoko nakata(takemoto)(piano)



 Beethoven Trio fur klavier, Violine und Violoncello Nr.5 D dur op.70-1"Geister-Trio"

 Beethoven Trio fur klavier, Violine und Violoncello Nr.7 B-dur op.97 "Erzherzog-Trio"




MOZART : Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.21 in C-major, k467




Director de onoare  DAISUKE SOGA

Piano  KYOKO   NAKATA(Takemoto)